Your Prayers at Work


12 Cheshvan 5770
October 30, 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

This morning there were changes in the air. I noticed it crossing through the Kotel plaza as the sleepy sunlight filtered pinks, blues and purples through some of Cheshvan's first clouds. The days of crisp sapphire skies are softening now. Wednesday morning hung with low grey thunderheads that dropped only enough rain to get us scampering for cover and then once we found a dry spot to stand, she gathered up her gifts and strode away. Yesterday on Rechov King George, a little sprinkling sent me into the tachana (covered bus stand) as I stood on the street for the 38. Almost everyone inside whipped out their cellphones to tell their next of kin that it was raining. But not for long.

Today was a very different story. I spent the morning cooking for Shabbos with the door to our courtyard wide open so I could enjoy the cooling autumn air. It began with a rustling sound, something made me thing an animal was scurrying around in the potted plants...and then I realized it was GESHEM!

It rained all afternoon, a long refreshing soaking, exactly the kind we pray for. And it's predicted to rain for another four days.

Thanks Ya'll~ Keep up the good work!

Shabbat Shalom,
Renee and David


Anonymous said...

That rain is for you courtsey of Atlanta Georgia. We are sending it to you since we have had enough of it to last quite a while here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this (by way of my friend Beverly). I loved hearing the rain (made me homesick for Seattle), and seeing it raining in Yerushalayim. What a bracha! I was wondering, though, about the rain hitting Jerusalem stone, instead of soil. Do you collect rainwater in the courtyard to use for watering plants or washing? Does the city collect rainwater for redistribution where it's needed? Just wondering. Thanks again for sharing your Israel experiences ...
Aviva in Baltimore