We Can See the Runway


May 9th, 11 PM New York

Can you believe this: as we were leaving Atlanta to go to the airport Monday morning, I discovered that I had LOST David’s passport!~ yes-me, Mrs. Organized, and that’s a whole lesson in and of itself.

So we flew out of Atlanta anyway and spent two days in NYC cri$$-cro$$ing the city and suburbs to get a new one-as well as coordinating with the Jewish Agency and Israeli Consulate to procure the all important aliya visa (see photo, and remember you can get one too!). It was all accomplished with a lot of hashgacha pratis to be sure. But, it done and now it looks like we are, baruch Hashem, off.

Finally we are at the ElAl gate at JFK waiting for our flight which we had to change three times. We could feel your prayers. We firmly believe that because of those prayers -an arduous, nerve racking two days (why does it feel like four?) was made much easier. The weather was beautiful, our hosts were loving and helpful, and New York restaurants are nothing to frown about.

However, we are not there yet-we take nothing for granted. Especially you.


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